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Books for Young Authors and Illustrators


Do you dream of being an author or illustrator when you grow up?  Do you have something that you want to publish NOW?  Here are some books that might help you on your way.



The Young Writerís Guide to Getting Published, Writerís Digest Books.


The Market Guide for Young Writers:  Where and How to Sell What You Write, by Kathy Henderson


Our Stories:  A Fiction Workshop for Young Authors, by Marion Dane Bauer


How a Book is Made, by Aliki


The Young Authorís Do-It-Yourself Book:  How to Write, Illustrate, and Produce Your Own Book, by Donna Guthrie and Nancy Bentley


Poetry from A to Z:  A Guide for Young Writers, by Cathy Bobak


Book-Write:  A Creative Bookmaking Guide for Young Authors, by Michelle OíBrien-Palmer and Shannon Rubin


How to Write, Recite, and Delight in Your Own Poetry, by Joy Hulme and Donna Guthrie


Whatís Your Story?:  A Young Personís Guide to Writing Fiction, by Marion Dane Bauer


Writing Down the Days:  365 Creative Journaling Ideas for Young People, by Lorraine M.


Seeing the Blue Between:  Advice and Inspirations for Young Poets, by Paul  B. Janeczko


Childrenís Writers and Illustrators Market, Writerís Digest.  This book is aimed at adults, but it has a section on publications looking for writing by young authors.  You can find it in the reference section of your library.


To Be a Writer:  A Guide for Young People Who Want to Write and Publish, by Barbara Seuling


The Elements of Style, by Strunk and White.  This book teaches you the most important principles of writing.


Websterís Rhyming Dictionary and The Penguin Rhyming Dictionary.    I use these books to write verse, when Iím looking for just the right rhyming word.  Sometimes I write my own rhyming words in them.


Click here for a list of books for adults who are trying to get published.

                      Copyright 2003, Danny Schnitzlein