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An early picture of me.  I’m pretty sure I did this to myself.




A letter to the tooth fairy



My first bicycle



I’ve always loved animals.  These were my pets when I was a kid








This is what my drawings looked like when I was 4.








Self Portrait, Age 5  





The nerd family.  I’m the nerd holding the book.




Here’s me in 2nd grade.





Dressed for my favorite holiday.  I’m the witch doctor.




I wrote this poem for my grandparents in 5th grade






I tried to write my own comic book in 8th grade.  “Mighty Mutt and FantastiCat.”







One of the strangest summer jobs I had was tour guide on the “African Queen” boat ride at Busch Gardens.  The ride no longer exists.  There were real crocodiles and monkeys and a native who would jump out and scare you.





This is my 5th grade teacher, Rebecca Hoeft.  We still keep in touch.  I’m so thankful for teachers who encouraged my writing along the way.





This is how I drew in 9th grade.  I loved spaceships and science fiction people.





This is me in my drum major get-up, in high school.




This is how I draw today.




This is my wonderful wife and son.  We were headed to a '70's costume party.













                      Copyright 2003, Danny Schnitzlein