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Some people have asked me to print my lyrics for the song I sing at schools.  Here they are. 


the “I LOVE READING” song

by Danny Schnitzlein


(Verse 1)

When I was five I came alive.  My imagination was freed.

‘Cause that’s the year I lost my fear, and finally learned to read.

They took me to the library, and then they turned me loose.

I dug up tons of dinosaur books, and stacks of Dr. Seuss.



I love reading!  I love reading!  I love reading!  I love reading!


(Verse 2)

Biographies and Science books, novels and short stories.

I like to read all kinds of books in many categories.

And when I finish reading, the fun never ends.

‘Cause books are even better when I share ‘em with my friends.




(Verse 3)

Now I am a grown up guy.  I have a boy of my own.

And when he says “Dad read it again!” I never ever groan.

‘Cause I know a great big secret.  And I think you might know it.

When a book is really really good, you don’t have to outgrow it!





                      Copyright 2003, Danny Schnitzlein